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Parkour is an Art of rational overcoming of obstacles and moving in the city. In it the person overcomes physical obstacles (walls, fences, houses, etc.), by means of opportunities of the body. Thus it overcomes obstacles as soon as possible and more effectively (it means, that it does not do movements which take away too much energy and time). Parkour is practical discipline, therefore all skills of moving the person can apply in extreme (an extreme case) situations. The most known and bright representative of this discipline, certainly – David Belle.

It is a question of that recently there were many conversations on what principles (reserves) exist in Parkour and that is not Parkour. If to speak more precisely recruits start to confuse, what movements (elements) are characteristic for Parkour and what are not present. Basically the mess arises in a practical plane of discipline.

Business all that is Parkour, and is trainings and preparation for it. We shall try to explain. For example: the Soldier should carry out every day exercises that in fight it could not be won. And in fact it is impossible to tell, that its everyday exercises is a fight (unless with itself), it only preparation for it. And in Parkour. A role of preparatory exercises the general physical preparation (it is necessary at any physical activity), skills of possession of own body, borrowed of gymnastics and here carry out acrobatics and, certainly, regular working off of base elements on obstacles, whether it be in the street or in.

It is possible to consider all this preparatory exercises for development of the opportunities and participation in discipline. A role of fight in this art the city life and carries out situations in which it is possible to get, living in city jungle. For example, you somewhere are late, or at you something have stolen in the street, or God forbid, you attack. In all these, and the same sort situations your skills and skills also will be useful. And when you apply them to achievement of the purpose or for an output from a situation is and will be help.

 In a following part of this clause I wish to explain a question connected with such part of discipline, as acrobatics. In occasion of acrobatics has arisen and many disputes continue to arise. We hope, the following text will resolve these disputes.

As definition Art of rational overcoming of obstacles says. But before to go further – we shall understand that there is rationality. You move that on shank's mare so, have property to get tired. Traceurs do not think that you dream to reach a place of the purpose, hardly breathing...

It’s necessary to make as small as possible the Superfluous movements which are taking away forces, thus, not losing speed. These criteria in the sum also are – rationality. Therefore these elements are the extremely complex for using rationally. And on the Way they take far not the main place. Instead of straight off going on performance of complex tricks, follows, first of all,

To fulfil base elements so that you could use them in any situations and conditions surrounding you.

Good traceur puts elements in one, a continuous sheaf which lasts on its all Way. But nevertheless there is an addition to elements of acrobatics. To carry out these elements, it is necessary to own very well the body, that in turn means, that, carrying out elements of acrobatics, you develop this ability that should go on advantage for your level Parkour.

 It’s necessary to consider acrobatics means, for development of opportunities of the body, but it is not necessary to do on it an emphasis in preparation to Parkour and especially, it is not necessary to rely on it in a vital situation in which you use Parkour


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