United Runners Parkour Crew
Don't use any of the information contained within this site without first reading ALL of the text.

You must take responsibility for your own health and safety !!!

Parkour is a potentially dangerous sport, which is often seen practised at a very high level by professionals who have security equipment that relates to the environment in which it will be used.
Practising Parkour on your own and without any experience brings with it inherent risks, such as:

- Damage to private and public property
- Irreversible physical injuries
- Under extreme circumstances, death


  • - Respect public and private property - particularly the belongings of other people
  • - Respect your body and your health
  • - Don't take risk - you may be risking your own life


That said, It is important that you must recognise your own ability and frequently use your own judgement to protect against risks and dangers. Use none of the information from this site to attempt dangerous moves or to break the law. Until you have understood and accepted this text, you are practising at your own risk and peril. Adult who are watching or practice Parkour are responsible for thier own actions. Under eighteens must ask advice from parents or a responsible adult before practicipating.

However, this website provides advice on how to better understand and help enthusiasts who want to practice Parkour.

UnitedRunners.tk does its utmost to give regular information but disengages itself from all responsibility and considers itself to have no obligation regarding accidents caused directly or indirectly by thoughtlessness, dangerous or damaging activity brought about by whomever has visited this website.


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